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Bingo is one of the most popular games at many online casinos. You'll find that 30, 75, and 90-ball bingo games are three of the most common.

The biggest differences in the games are basically the number of bingo balls that are used as well as the size and layout of the bingo cards. Each game will have its own specific card patterns which have to be covered to win.

30-ball bingo is commonly known as speed bingo since it is pretty quick to play a game of it. The cards in these games come with three columns and three rows which make up nine numbered squares. Only 30 numbers are called and you have to match the nine numbers that are on your bingo card.

In 75-ball bingo, there will be five columns and rows on the card. Across the top of the card will be letters which spell out B-I-N-G-O. Each of these five letters will feature a column below it which is filled in with numbers. This means every square on the card will have a number on it. The numbers one to 15 can be found underneath the letter B. Numbers from 16 to 30 will be under the letter I and numbers between 31 and 45 sit under the N.

The centre square of the card is left blank. This allows players to use it as a free square that can be used as a marked-off number. The numbers under the G are anything from 46 to 60 and the O will have numbers between 61 and 75 below it. Numbers will be called out, such as B7, and depending on the variation of the game, the first person who fills in all of their squares is the winner.

Most 90-ball bingo games are pretty similar to 75-ball games. However, the cards are bigger. They will have three rows as well as nine columns on them, but all of the squares will be blank except 15 of them which are numbered. These numbers are all random and to win, you just have to cover the 15 different numbers. Some games also offer prizes if you fill in a specific pattern along the way. Many players will use six online casino bingo cards in 90-ball games since each number between one and 90 will appear on them somewhere.

Written by Alex, a keen blogger who loves to play online casino games. She's always on the lookout for new games to try out and write about.

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