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By Nicole Martin

For a large amount of us, bingo was the name of a farmer’s dog. That was our first introduction to bingo. Now bingo is recognized as one of the more important gambling games on the web.

From the name of a dog, bingo became a song and finally a game. Now a bingo card is a five-column card with random numbers under each letter of the word, bingo. Thanks to that farmer’s dog, bingo is now a pure cry of satisfaction if you get a diagonal, horizontal or vertical row of numbers.

For many years, even centuries, bingo was only played in the halls of churches and synagogues or at local carnivals. These halls were normally a central attraction in the surround town or city. It made it easier to get to bingo halls on given nights. Bingo has now skipped from the VFW to the World Wide Web and moved online!!

Bingo is one of America’s hidden hobbies. Research done by IGWB estimated that about 1.6 million people go to bingo halls across America. This research took place in 2003 and it has only increased in the last three years thanks to online bingo as well. That is more than the amount of people that go to bowling alleys and theaters.

Since 1999, bingo sites have extremely increased. In 1999 there were only five recorded bingo websites, but it jumped to 105 in 2003. did a survey that estimated that 45% of bingo sites are free play while around 70% of online bingo sites are totally free, mostly free or pay-to-play games.

North America plays the most bingo, probably because the Indians were the first to establish bingo casinos. estimated that 90% of North Americans play bingo. While eighty percent of these players are female and the average age is 41 in both males and females. Whereas 80% of these players are between the ages of 25 and 55. The least amount of people play over the age of 65. Partially due to traditional bingo being aimed at seniors. Now only 50% play offline while 85% are logging onto bingo sites online.

Many bingo players are mainly attracted to online bingo because of their convenience and their easy autoplay function that fills in the bingo cards automatically. Players just purchase their cards and then sit back relax and chat to their online bingo friends while computer fills in their bingo cards for them.

“Keeping active chat lines running takes up a lot of bandwidth, so we tried to create several games without it,” said Anthony Wayne, an online consultant for Curacao-based Bingo site “Each game failed miserably. Chat is very important to the success of these games.”

As soon as elderly people start playing online bingo, the revenue will increase tremendously. Parlay Entertainment stated that 70% of players are playing at bingo halls and bingo sites. If just 1% of the bingo halls move online, the revenue will increase to $700 million.

The old farmer’s dog and the traditional bingo song are both largely responsible for the development of bingo. Without them, we wouldn’t know anything about bingo and it wouldn’t be making millions online and offline keeping out charities or churches.

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