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Basic Types Of Bingo Jackpots

There are three basic types of bingo jackpots that are used in both the classic and the online versions of this game. The players generally choose bingo halls according to their jackpot requirements.

The jackpot's format and the prize on offer vary from site to site but if a player is fully aware of the jackpot's concept then it isn't a problem for him to adjust in different bingo rooms.

Game Jackpot:

Game jackpot is given to the players at the end of every bingo game. The amount on offer depends on the sales made by the website i.e. the number of players. The gaming website takes off a percentage from the entry ticket sold as their expenses and profit and then put the remaining money in the jackpot. Then the company creates a bonus plan depending upon the amount that has been collected.

Cover-All Jackpot:

This kind of jackpot is offered only in 75-ball bingo games. The players are required to get a specific set of numbers or pattern in order to claim this jackpot. The monetary reward on offer in Coverall jackpots are significantly higher than the ones offered in game jackpot. But bingo games offering coverall jackpots aren't that common these days. The general amount starts from $300 and although it goes down a great deal as the game progresses, its prize money on offer still remains considerably higher than the normal jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot:

This is another kind which isn't offered at every gaming website on the internet. But the trend to arrange bingo halls with progressive jackpots up for grabs is also on the rise. Experienced bingo players like progressive jackpots a lot as it provides them with the chance to win a tonne of cash. With every purchase of a card, a certain sum is contributed to the progressive jackpot and that is what makes it so tempting for the bingo enthusiasts.

Written by Alex, a gaming enthusiast who tries her hand at most online games. She enjoys live casino games and often tries out everything from poker to slots.

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