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What Are Bingo Promotion Codes and How to Use Them

Bingo promotion codes also known as bingo promo codes are codes which when used gives you more bingo money to play with, if you find your money going too quickly when playing bingo or you just simply don't have enough money to spare then bingo promotion codes are perfect for you when you are playing online bingo.

How do Promotion Codes Work

Bingo promotion codes work by giving you extra free bingo money to play with on the top of your original deposit. If a bingo promotion codes was "EXTRA100" and the description of the code read "Enter the code: EXTRA100 to receive 100% extra free" and you deposited 10, you would receive 20 in total (10 would be free), if you deposited 20 you would get 40 free (20 free). A 100% code would essentially double your money.

Codes are usually written for percentages and it is just a matter of working out what percentage of a certain number is. If the codes was for 60% extra then you would need to know what 60% of your original deposit was. Dividing your original deposit by 100 and then times it by the extra percentage you would get free would give you what extra money you would receive.

How to Use Bingo Promotion Codes

You of course need to be a member of the online bingo site you are using and you need to make sure that this site gives out promotion codes. If you know the online bingo site uses promo codes, you simply enter the valid code on the deposit screen of the online banking screen on that particular site. Before it asks for you to confirm your deposit there will be a blank box that says something such as "promotion codes".

Don't Enter the Codes Incorrectly

Usually when you are entering these bingo codes you need to triple check that you have put them in correctly, sometimes they can be case sensitive and entering a code "Code10" as "code10" will void the code and you will lose out on the bonus. If you enter the code incorrectly you will not be entitled to the free extra credit as it was your fault the code was entered incorrectly.

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