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Die-hard online gamblers will consider bingo a "not-so-serious" game, made almost exclusively for the women or the elderly. In reality, online bingo is a multi-billion dollar industry far past the point where only senior citizens play it. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of online bingo users are female indeed, it is gaining in popularity with males as well. As online bingo bonuses and promotions are gradually getting more and more generous, more and more people spot the value in playing, and decide to join a virtual bingo hall.

Online bingo software is created by some of the very companies that also make software for the world's most famous online poker rooms and casinos. This virtually guarantees quality and a smooth gaming experience.

Online bingo rooms use random number generators (RNGs) to simulate the outcome of a draw, instead of regular bingo balls, and most feature an auto-daubing option that will free the player up to interact with fellow bingo-maniacs, and thus really be part of a community.

The most successful bingo rooms out there place great stress on creating a sense of community within their bingo halls. People are specially hired (they're called CMs or chat managers) to chat with players, entertain them, and draw their attention to certain promotions and bonuses that are available.

Most online bingo rooms feature other games as well, people can use to fill in the spare time between draws. With so many things to do and so much to talk about, you will never be bored while playing bingo.

Part of the reason why bingo is so popular these days is that it is one of  the simplest games one can win real money on. There's no skill required to play it, and - as I said above - the computer pretty much does all the work. Daubs your bingo cards, checks for eventual winners and announces them, as well. There are other features too, meant to make it even easier to play: the "highlight best card" option automatically highlights cards which are closest to a bingo, so you know where to look, The "auto sort" option will queue up your cards according to which one is most likely to win.

As far as the game of bingo itself goes, you should know that there are two main variants: a U.S. and a U.K. version. The U.S. version features 75 balls and 5-by-5 bingo cards. The U.K version is played with 90 balls and 9-by-3 bingo cards.

75-ball bingo features diverse winning patterns. These patterns can be a simple, like a line, or much more complicated. Whatever the case, the game is very simple. Just fill out the pattern and you win.

90-ball bingo is played in stages. It can be played for a single line (the bingo cards feature 3 lines and 9 columns), for two lines or for all three lines, which is called a "full house".

Prizes differ, according to the odds involved. Thus, one-liners get the smallest payout, two liners earn more, and a full-house - naturally - nets  the most cash. The odds of getting all the numbers on a card daubed though, are quite far-fetched.

Currently a good chunk of the estimated 3 million world-wide bingo players plays online, and more and more of them opt for the virtual bingo halls each day. Out of all these people, only a small fraction would qualify as "senior citizens", thus it's obvious there's not much factual background in the  myth that bingo is only a game for grandmas!

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