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If you reckon bingo online is still one of those weekend activities invented to allow granny to kill some time, I suggest you run a search on the World Wide Web and see what you come up with. Bingo is no longer a game predominantly played by senior citizens, as a matter of fact, only a very small percentage of the World’s online Bingo players are above 60. Player demographics show that there are more women playing online than men, but the majority of them are young, and their reasons for playing do not include the killing of time, in any shape.

These days, online Bingo is about much more than the game itself. Online bingo rooms are genuine, community-oriented venues where hired personnel (Chat monitors) make sure players settle in and feel right at home as soon as possible. These Bingo CMs congratulate players after a win, they initiate other online chat games, and generally make sure the atmosphere remains on a cordial, pleasant and civilized level.

Many of those players who have recently switched to online bingo from the live version are captivated by this entirely new aspect of the game. Real Bingo halls have rather strict requirements and rules concerning etiquette, and most of them even forbid players to talk to each-other during games. While this may seem like a far-out measure for an online bingo player, it’s a very reasonable requirement for a live bingo room because: if people talk to each-other, there’s going to be a constant background noise which may easily suppress the caller’s voice when calling out the numbers. Also, players who manage to hit a pattern will have to shout out “bingo”, or the name of the pattern. That too has to be heard by the caller and the win has to be validated right away or it becomes invalid.

Online bingo rooms have no such problems, so they encourage chatter and bonding between players as long as it doesn’t stray away from decency. Online bingo features other useful options as well, like auto-daubing. This means the software will daub the numbers for you, and it’ll be on a constant lookout for an emerging pattern. As soon as a pattern is hit, the card is validated and the winner receives the prize. It’s not only fuss-free, it also leaves players with enough spare time while playing, to focus on the chat.

Bingo games are usually played with bingo cards made of non-recyclable paper or computer graphics in the case of online bingo rooms. Cards contain 5 by 5 squares with random numbers from 1-75 printed on them, one number in each square. Dual action or dual dab cards have two such numbers in each square. As the caller shouts out the numbers drawn from the blower, (or the Random Number generator of the software) players daub the numbers on their cards. Different patterns yield different returns on winnings depending on the number of squares included in them. There are single-line patters, double line ones, right up to a full house. The four squares in the four corners are also rewarded, as well as 3-by-3 center crosses.

The center square of every bingo card is designated a “free space”, and it will be considered as daubed for all patterns in which it appears. Once you buy some bingo cards and start playing, there’s not much you can do strategy-wise to better your odds. Bingo is not a skill game, thus it bears a certain negative expected value, which can be beaten through variance though.

The only kind of strategy you can apply in bingo concerns your bankroll. It can be managed so that it lasts longer thus giving you more chances for a win. Taking full advantage of different bonuses and promotions is also very important as it can and will improve the odds you’re playing with.

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