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People who enjoy playing bingo can do so now right from the comfort of their homes. This is possible due to emergence of online bingo played on the Internet. The best part about online bingo is that it is easy, convenient and offers huge prize money, not possible in an offline game.

How to Play
To play pattern bingo online, first register on an online bingo gaming site. Players can buy as many cards as they wish for each game (usually a maximum of seventy-five). Pattern bingo is usually a 75-ball game, the objective being to match a particular pattern of numbers.

Types of Pattern Bingo
There are, apparently, some six thousand different bingo patterns. Some simple patterns are vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, or the four corners. More complex patterns include letters of the alphabet ("C", "E", "U" "T" etc.). Other patterns include "picture frame" (all the numbers around the outside of the card), "lucky 7" (top row, plus right to left diagonal), various types of "postage stamp" ( 2 x 2 squares of numbers) and a wide variety of others. Many of the patterns can be designated "crazy." That simply means the pattern can be pointing any direction on the card. Thus, a "T" pattern can only be won straight up and down (just the way a capital T is written), but a crazy "T" can be won on its side or even upside down. Likewise, any pattern designated "the hard way" simply means the free space in the centre of the card cannot be used in the winning pattern.

Tips & Strategies
All cards in every game have an equal chance of winning. Play as many cards as you like, depending on how much you are prepared to lose. A good rule is to determine the average number of cards the other players are holding, e.g. in a game of 100 players, if there are 400 cards in play, the average is 4 cards per player. In this case, it may be wise to buy 4 cards. If buying more cards makes the game more enjoyable, then by all means do so. Most sites have an "auto-sort" feature, which keeps track of the best cards.
Some players try to maximize their chances of winning by choosing cards that don`t duplicate the numbers they already have on other cards. In choosing cards with different numbers, they are hoping at least one of their cards will feature the number called.

"Pattern" bingo is a particularly popular way to play bingo online. Although not as lucrative as "coverall" or "full house" bingo, pattern bingo offers some interesting variations on the traditional game. The majority of patterns are easier to achieve, so games tend to be shorter, thus maintaining a player's interest. Most sites have good software for fast play. They have audiovisual effects that simulate a real life bingo hall. It is possible make friends online and chat with them while the game is in progress.

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